One of my favorite stories my father, John Rosandich told me was about the time he dodged a spanking.

As young boys, he and Uncle Murph had gotten into trouble ( He didn’t disclose what they had done : ) ) and Grandma was going to spank both of them together. They had to go cut the switch for the spanking and then, reluctantly handed to Grandma. They, then had to “Assume the position”, bent over and grabbed their ankles so Grandma had a clear shot at her target, their butts. Just as Grandma raised her arm and was about to commence with the spankings, my dad, John, turned to Murph and said “Gee Murph, Ain’t Ma got a pretty smile?” With that, Grandma burst out laughing and needless to say there were no spankings that day.

Submitted by Kathy Rosandich Rzepczynski on July 1, 2017