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Rosandich Brothers Serve in Army; Three Overseas

(1943) Granton — (Special) — Four brothers serving in Uncle Sam’s Army, the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rosandich Sr., route 3, Granton, are Cpl. Mike G. Rosandich, 28, now at some overseas station; Pfc. John A. Rosandich, 25, in a hospital in North Africe; Cpl. Steve W. Rosandich, 23, Camp Richmond, Va.; and Sgt. Thomas Rosandich, 22, somewhere overseas.

Mike entered service April 23, 1941, and received his basic training at Fort Sheridan, Ill.  He was home on furlough Nov. 2, 1941, his whereabouts at present being unknown.  He is with the Coast Artillery and also is a company barber.

John has been in service since Aug. 25, 1941, taking his basic training at Camp Wolters, Texas.  He was last home on furlough Oct. 20, 1942, left for overseas May 10, 1943, and was in the Battle of Sicily.  He is in a North African hospital although the reason is unknown.  He serves with the Infantry and is a company barber.

Steve began his basic training at Camp Davis, N.C., after entering the service in Jan. 26, 1943.  He is stationed at present at Camp Richmond, Va., Army air base.

Thomas entered military service Oct. 7, 1942, took his basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., and came home on furlough Sept. 5, 1943.  His whereabouts are unknown at present, and he is with the Ordinance Department.